Our goal for our seniors is to have them attend the highest level of college they are capable of, academically and/or volleyball-wise.  

We are aware that some seniors will want to play college volleyball, some will decide not to and retire from the game, and others will still want to play for fun in college.

We offer academic and college guidance and information sources for our high school athletes at the club.  
They fall under the below categories:

  • college volleyball scholarships (see recruiting section below)
  • college non-volleyball academic scholarship sources
  • college club volleyball sources (represent school, but not intramurals)
  • tutoring to maintain or boost academic grades
  • SAT prep support and tutoring (see tutoring)

We cannot guarantee volleyball scholarship(s) for our athletes, yet we can guarantee that ALL the D1, D2, D3, NAIA colleges will be aware of your interest in their school and volleyball program.  

Since it’s primarily up to the athlete to communicate with the college coach(es), we meet with athletes/parents & provide recruiting package/college contact information to help facilitate that process,  thru on-going guidance and information.  This allows everyone to act and make decision(s) about where to attend and play in college.

Our Volleyball ALUMNI playing/attending College:

2017 (1 of 3)
Haley Castanos, (Garden Grove HS), Elms College, MA
2 players, Local Junior Colleges, CA

 2018 (1 of 2)
Jerelynne Prudencio, (Carson HS) Sonoma State, CA
1 player, Local Junior Colleges, CA


 Click on the below video links of Paula Weishoff recruiting advice, as a club guest.  



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